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Key features

Reliability and consistent quality

• Coated circuit boards as standard

• Minimized air flow through the electronics

• Earth fault protection

• Design for up to 50 °C without derating

• All drives are tested at maximum temperatures

with full nominal loads

Ease of use

• Compact design

• Built-in graphical user interface

• Intuitive user menu

• Spring control terminal

• Part of ABB all-compatible drives portfolio


• Sensorless vector control

• Supports permanent magnet synchronous motor

• Built-in EMC filter

• Built-in STO

• Built-in Modbus RTU

• Adaptive and sequence programming

Energy efficiency and Ecodesign

• Fulfill new Ecodesign Regulation (EU) 2019/1781

• Efficiency class: IE2

• Reduce energy consumption and CO? emissions


Reliable operation even in harsh conditions

ACS180 drives have improved reliability in harsh conditions. Coated circuit boards and minimized airflow through the electronics combined with advanced ground fault protection guarantee reliable operation and maximized uptime. The drives are designed for 50 °C ambient temperature without derating (in heavy-duty use) and up to 60 °C with derating.

Optimal drive for applications

The ACS180 drive offers excellent performance and quality at its price level with all essential machinery application features embedded. Meanwhile, the built-in EMC filter and STO bring savings in cabinet size and costs, because an external EMC filter or contactor is unnecessary. Heavy-duty use and light-duty use are rated in one drive. This will help users choose the optimal drive for each application.

Ease of use

Installation and commissioning are quick and easy thanks to the ACS180’s intuitive graphical user interface, simple parameter structure and spring control terminals. A compact drive size and the possibility for side-by-side installation help reduce the cabinet size.


ACS180 drives support sensorless vector control with induction and permanent magnet motors. Customized functions with adaptive and sequence programming are possible. The ACS180 drive is part of the ABB all-compatible drives portfolio, all with the same user interface and PC tools