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Complete motor protection

The PSTX offers complete motor protection in only one unit and is able to handle both load and network irregularities. PT-100, earth fault protection and over/ under voltage protection along with many other functions keep your motor safer than ever. PSTX also offers three types of current limit: standard, dual and ramp. This gives you full control of your motor during start. It also allows you to use your motor in weaker networks.

Built-in bypass saves time and energy

When reaching full speed, the PSTX will activate its bypass. This saves energy while reducing the softstartes heat generation. On the PSTX, the bypass is built in and verified by ABB, saving you time during installation and space in your panel.

Complete control of pumps

Time to use your processes to their full potential. The PSTX features many application enhancing features, including torque control: the most efficient way to start and stop pumps. The pump cleaning feature can reverse pump flow and clean out pipes, securing uptime of your pump system.


A user-friendly and clear display saves you time and resources during both setup and operation. The detachable keypad is standard on all PSTX softstarters with IP66 and 4x outdoor for tough environments.

Jog with slow speed forward & reverse

The slow speed forward and backward jog feature will make you more flexible when operating e.g. conveyor belts and cranes.

Coated PCB

Coated circuit boards protecting from dust, moist and corrosive atmosphere. PSTX coating type DOW CORNING 1-2620 LOW VOC.

Heavy duty

Designed to handle heavy applications such as cen- trifugal fan, mill and mixers.

Torque control

The torque control function the absolutely best pos- sible stop of pumps without water hammering and pressure surges.