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One product, many applications

The drive includes all the essential components for typical light industry applications. The ACS580 is ready to control compressors, conveyors, mixers, chippers, extruders, as well as many other variable and costant torque applications.

Reliability and constant high quality

ACS580 drives are designed for customers who value high quality and robustness in their applications. Coated control boards, high enclosure classes, and motor temperature monitoring along with supervision and other protection functions ensure your processes will run smoothly – even in harsh conditions. In addition, all the drives are tested during production at maximum temperature and with nominal loads. We make sure the drives perform as they should so you do not need to worry about it.

Easier than ever before

ACS580 drives have all the essential features built-in, reducing commissioning and setup time. The assistant control panel with a broad

set of languages is standard for ACS580 drives. It can be also upgrade to an optional Bluetooth® control panel for wireless commissioning and monitoring. Primary settings and control macros ensure quick setup and the help button on the control panel offers instant advice in unclear s ituations.

Instant availability

ACS580 products are available from central stocks around the world for immediate delivery up to 500 kW. The product is also widely available from ABB distributors globally.

Key features

Essential features inside

  • Integrated safe torque off (STO)
  • Removable Modbus RTU terminal
  • Two option slots, one for a fieldbus adapter and one for an I/O extension
  • External +24 V AC/DC
  • USB interface for PC tool connection
  • Optimized DC choke
  • Integrated EMC filter

Get started, without the hassle

  • Optional Bluetooth assistant control panel for controlling the drive up to 75 meters and out of the arc flash boundary
  • Connection to all major industrial automation systems via plug-in fieldbus and Ethernet adapters
  • USB port for transferring information between PC and drive
  • Optional remote monitoring module for configuring the drive parameters, and monitoring various data such as load levels, runtime, energy consumption, I/O data, and bearing temperatures of the motor
  • Free DriveComposer software to program and monitor drive performance

Learn it once, use it everywhere

  • Common drives architecture enables a smooth transition to other all-compatible drives in the ABB portfolio, such as the ACS480 or ACS880
  • The drives share the same user interfaces and options, enabling users to use the knowledge gained with the ACS580 drives