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Product quality assurance

            In ABB, we believe in getting it right the first time – and keeping it that way. For that reason, we engage in component homologation as well as the identification of critical components. Suppliers are fully vetted and qualified, on an ongoing basis, and our test verification plan and type testing assures our quality standards even further            

            ABB’s approach to modular power protection Despite all the precautions taken during the de- sign and operation of data centers and related control processes, situations can arise in which external power is compromised – either in terms of quality or availability. Such events could result in data loss, nonavailability of essential services, risk to hardware and very high financial losses. This makes a highly dependable UPS mission-crit- ical. Therefore, the most critical loads should be protected by the very best UPS design – Decen- tralized Parallel Architecture (DPA™).

            ABB, a pioneer and leader in large, modular UPSs, provides a full range of modular DPA power pro- tection products as well a standalone solutions. In the following four pages, we will focus on our approach to modular power protection and de- scribe how these modular solutions can help en- sure a supply of clean, reliable power to the customer’s application.