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One drive, many possiblities

MicroFlex e190 is designed to carry today’s control designs into the future. By supporting PTO and analog control, it provides flexible options for existing or legacy applications as well as a migration platform to Ethernet based control and ‘IoTSP ready’ machine designs through integrated Ethernet:

  • EtherCAT®
  • EtherNet/IP™
  • Modbus TCP/IP

Rethinking usability

MicroFlex e190 breaks the mould of similar products by rethinking the usability throughout the product life cycle. MicroFlex e190 introduces a simpler approach to selection, installation, operation and maintenance.

Small improvements that all add up

MicroFlex e190 adds numerous improvements to the MicroFlex series: dual-port PROFINET communication, a newly designed heat sink for better thermal performance, optimized low noise fans and easy to be assembled connectors.

Absolute precision and performance

When matched with e-Series servo motors the MicroFlex e190 provides highly dynamic acceleration through 300% peak torque, with high resolution absolute feedback as standard for optimized performance and productivity.

Powerful motion control

With features such as a second encoder input, an encoder output, and motion programmability, applications such as electronic gearing, CAM, flying shear, labelling and registration control can easily be implemented without the use of an external controller, making it far more versatile than other drives in its class.