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ABB introduces the latest innovative addition to its line of Ty-Rap high-performance cable ties — Ty-Rap heat-reactive cable ties. These ties change color from their standard green to translucent when in contact with a high-temperature surface, providing visual indication of overheating equipment or a potential skin burn hazard.

To use Ty-Rap heat-reactive cable ties, simply wrap the tie around the surface of the item you wish to monitor, and then hand tighten or use an installation tool to ensure that the tie has complete contact with the surface (insufficient contact may limit color change indication).

A properly installed Ty-Rap heat-reactive cable tie begins to fade in color when the surface temperature reaches 104 °F (40 °C), with full transition to translucent (natural nylon color) at 120 °F (49 °C), indicatingthat the surface has reached a dangerous temperature for prolonged contact with skin.


  • Changes color from green to translucent when in contact with high-temperature surface
  • Efficacy of heat-reactive polypropylene material lasts up to 24 months under normal operating conditions
  • Offers all the convenience and performance benefits of standard Ty-Rap cable ties, including the Grip of Steel® type 316 stainless steel locking barb
  • Available in three lengths and two tensile strengths
  • Choose the ERG50 or ERG120 Ty-Rap cable tie application tool for easy installation