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Key features

Excellent motor control

  • Support for asynchronous, permanent magnet andsynchronous reluctance motors
  • Excellent speed and torque control
  • Support for encoder feedback (option)

Ease of integration

  • Connectivity with all major industrial automation networks
  • Safe torque off (STO) is built-in as a standard, and can be controlled via PROFIsafe withan optional module
  • Adaptive programming for customizing the drive for a wide range of applications
  • Part of ABB all-compatible drives portfolio, all with a similar user interface and PC tools

Designed to last 10 years or more

  • Coated circuit boards as standard
  • Minimized airflow through the electronics
  • Design for up to 50 °C without derating
  • All drives tested during production at maximum temperatures with full nominal loads


Reliable performance for your application

The ACS380 machinery drive is ideal for machine building thanks to its excellent motor control, long-lasting design and connectivity with all major industrial automation networks. Examples of typical ACS380 applications are mixers, conveyors, extruders, cranes and textile machinery.

Ease of integration

The ACS380 drive has many advanced features built-in as standard. A selection of variants and options allow the drive to be optimized for various fieldbus communication, I/O and EMC requirements. With the integrated functional safety features, the ACS380 drive can be part of the machine’s safety system. The drive is easy to adapt for various machines thanks to its good programmability.

Designed to last 10 years or more

Design features including coated circuit boards, minimized airflow through the electronics, and up to 50 °C operating temperature without derating make the ACS380 a safe choice for customers expecting high reliability. This is further enhanced by a full load test that is carried out on every single drive during production.